French Investigation
French Investigation

French Investigation

Although France, ostensibly, had no connection whatsoever with the cargo of the REPUBLIC or the collision - the collision of an English ship carrying wealthy Americans with an Italian ship carrying immigrants, France was connected to the investigation of the collision.

Republic Disaster Arouses Activity
of French Government

Paris, Feb 1 - The French Government, as a result of the use of the wireless telegraphy following the sinking of the steamer REPUBLIC, is studying the entire question of wireless communication with the idea of introducing a bill to oblige French navigation companies to install wireless apparatus on all their ships above a certain tonnage.

New Bedford Evening Standard, Feb. 1,09,9;
New York Times, Feb. 2, 09, 4:1; and others.

This release by the French Government could justify any overt activity [anxiety ?] by France concerning the loss of the REPUBLIC. It would also allow them to ask questions such as: After the distress signal was sent, how long did it take for other vessels to arrive? What was the condition of the REPUBLIC at that time? At what distance were those vessels located? How did those vessels assist? AND virtually any other question relating to the loss of the REPUBLIC and her cargo.

At the conclusion of their investigation into the use of the wireless during the REPUBLIC disaster:



It Is of Silver, Suspended on
Ribbon, on Which Anchor Is Embossed.

The medal received by Jack Binns from the French Government for his heroism [as wireless operator] on the steamship Republic is the first of a new series of such rewards. He was chosen to head the list.

The President of France and the French Chamber of Deputies decided upon the gift. It is a round silver medal, the size of a half dollar, suspended on a wreath from a ribbon with the blue, white and red colors of France. An anchor is embossed on the ribbon.

On one side of the medal is a head of Liberty and the lettering 'Republique Francaise.' On the other are a French flag and an olive branch crossing an anchor. In front of this is a life preserver on which is inscribed 'Jack Binns 1909,' and round the edge is 'French Minister of Marine' and 'Courage and Devotion.'

The medal was sent by the Minister of Marine to the French Ambassador in Washington and forwarded by special messenger.

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See also: N. Y. Times, April 29, 09, 6:3