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Why do you make your research available on the Net?

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 9:12 pm    Post subject: Why do you make your research available on the Net? Reply with quote

Actually, not all of our research is publically available on the Net. But, as to the bulk of the research that is available:

One reason that I make the research available on the Net (well, a good part of it) was derived from my past competitors' misadventures. As of 1985, I had delivered scores of my research, in hard-copy, to potential investors and interested contractors, all under confidentiality agreement. These reports created my own competition. Other salvors would use my "confidential" research, claim it as their own, present it to their investors (who would not know that the research was someone else's work) under their own confidentiality agreement, and raise money. My publication on the Net takes that tool away from potential competitors. Today, any investor would likely do a web search, and find my work.

Another reason I've published my work is that it makes it available for critical examination. Investors, under confidentiality agreement, might be hindered in acquiring a professional opinion as to my conclusions. Now, they can ask anyone, "What do you think?" Apparently, the Department of Justice has found it sufficiently compelling to file a claim in the admiralty action for the loss of US Government gold (There's more on this in the Press Clippings section, ...

Also, I don't desire to pursue a cargo that doesn't exist. So, if you can find a flaw with my work, please let me know. I'd be happy (well, let's say satisfied to blow away a rumor that has grown to legend) to disprove the cargo's existence. It's a simple question: if we can otherwise account for the $3 million engagement in gold eagles purchased by French banking interests on January 12, 1909, from National City Bank ($2 million, today's Citibank) and Goldman Sachs ($1 million), for the Russian Loan which closed on January 22nd, 1909 - if we can place that specific and real transaction someplace other than aboard the Republic - then I can be satisfied that there is no gold aboard RMS Republic - at least not a sufficient amount of gold to justify an economic salvage. The only other gold cargo that may be aboard is the US Navy funds, but that, at $265,000 face value (compare this amount alone to the 1865 SS Republic's $400,000 face value) - would probably realize no more than $20 million to $25 million, with the costs of salvage estimated at $12 million. But, I believe that if one gold cargo is aboard, that they're both aboard. See The Navy Cargo, at:

In brief, RMS Republic had been researched by scores, if not hundreds, of researchers - both amateurs and professionals alike - who had researched only the US Navy and Italian Relief theories as to why a $3 million American Gold Eagle shipment (the Legend, see: et seq.) would be aboard RMS Republic. No one became interested in this wreck until I developed the Third Theory of the Czar's gold - which can be supported. And, since I know that no one has looked in the areas of the ship that would most likely contain the gold cargos (IF they exist. Looking in these areas, as opposed to research, is a considerably more expensive and dangerous way to prove or disprove the cargos' existence.), I'm compelled to continue, particularly since - as research progresses - the information acquired only confirms the cargos' existence.

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