The Story
The Story

Some of her more notable passengers for her January 22nd, 1909 departure included-

General Brayton Ives
President of the Williamsburg Trust Company, Metropolitan Trust Company, former Vice President and President of the New York Stock Exchange, Director of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., National Bank of Commerce , and other major banking and corporate institutions, accompanied by valet;

Mr. James Ross Mellon
millionaire president of both the Mellon National Bank and the City Deposit Bank of Pittsburgh, with wife and daughter;

Mrs. Alice Morse Earle
writer known for many stones of life in Colonial days in New England;

Mr. Samuel Cupples
St. Louis millionaire, with daughter Mrs. William Scudder, and three grand-daughters.

Mr. Eugene Lynch
successful businessman of Boston, with wife;

Monsignor Paul Burchesi
Archbishop of Montreal;

Mrs. Andrew J. Peters
wife of a Representative from Massachusetts;

Mrs. John Thomas Davis
sister-in-law of West Virginia's Senator Elkins;

Senator Arthur L. Clark
former state Senator from Connecticut, with wife;

Mr. W. J. Mooney
president of Cavalier County National Bank of North Dakota, a founder of Langdon North Dakota, and reportedly the wealthiest man in the Dakotas, with wife;

Mr. George B. Winship
editor of the Grand Forks Herald, later became U.S. Senator for North Dakota, with wife;

Mrs. H. L. Griggs
wife of Herbert L. Griggs, president of the Bank of New York;

Mr. J. W. Ward
treasurer of the Hammerstein opera houses;

Mr. James B. Connolly
winner of the first title for the United States in the first modern Olympic Games, author of sea stories, with permission of President Roosevelt to meet the fleet at Gibralter;

Professor John M. Coulter
was born in Ningpo, China on November 20, 1851. He was the son of Moses Stanley and Caroline. He received his B.A. from Hanover College (1870), and his Ph.D. in botany from Indiana University (1884). He returned to Hanover College as a professor of biology (1872-1873), served as a professor of botany at Wabash College (1874-1879). He moved to Indiana University where he was both president and head of the botany department (1891-1893). He become president of Lake Forest University in 1893. Following his tenure, he returned to his true passion as the head of the department of botany at the University of Chicago. Coulter founded the Botanical Gazette (1875) published to this day as the International Journal of Plant Sciences. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1909. He was also a world renowned author of botany, writing books such as the Manual for Rocky Mountain Botany and Plant Relations. Famous quote: No one should ever look out upon the world from the bottom of his own particular well and imagine that his own patch of sky is all there is for him to see. He died on December 23, 1928.

Mr. Reuben Miller
president of the Crucible Steel Co. of Pittsburgh, with wife and daughter-,

Prince Victor Narayan of Cooch-Behar, India;

Count Rasponi, Countess Pasolini, and many others.