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Full Name: Sean Long
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/23/2006, 11:00 AM
Comments: Interesting website, I'm going to try an include it in a paper I am doing on Marine Law. After meeting you on New Years with Grant. It started to spark an interest. Good Luck on your Salvage.
Full Name: R. Rabinowitz
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/15/2005, 1:49 PM
Comments: Interesting website. Interesting earthquake and tsunami disaster, too. I suspect that it would be appropriate to donate some Republic artifacts in such a way as to provide relief to the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.
Full Name: Ian Buckley
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/9/2004, 1:23 PM
Comments: William Bassadona was a twenty four year old steward on the Republic. In 1916 he married a relative of mine, Emma Buckley. I have been compiling a family history but I am having little luck in discovering what became of Wllliam. Your site has opened up a new thread for me, as I thought that William was in the Royal Navy, not the Merchant Navy.
Your site is also very interesting and I will be returning.
Full Name: Luke A. Burke IV
Home Page: http://camchem.rutgers.edu/~burke
Date and Time: 5/22/2004, 3:06 PM
Comments: My grandfather, Luke A. Burke II was a passenger aboard the fateful voyage. My father Luke A. Burke III told me a few stories about the rescue and I have a telegram that my grandfather sent to his fiancée, stating he was "safe on board the Baltic".
If you have any items that are identifiable as belonging to Luke A. Burke Jr., my son Luke A. Burke V and I would appreciate their return.
Thank you.
Full Name: Jack wilson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/16/2003, 1:24 AM
Comments: Why all the rumor about the 3 million gold on the REPUBLIC. Surely the White line who owned the ship wopuld have a manifest of what was aboard at departure. Anything shipped anywhere has a bill of lading.
Where are the records the company had? Are you still tryingto recover the gold? GOOD LUCK. It is a fascinating story.
Full Name: James Hill
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/18/2002, 2:36 PM
Comments: I like this website very much.I am a regular user of www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/.I have found a woman called mrs Hill on board (I dont know much about her).Changing the subject I have found out about people on the Titanic called Hill.If you can find out for me e-mail me.Thanks.
Full Name: Martin Bayerle
Home Page: http://rms-republic.com/index1.html
Date and Time: 7/29/2001, 11:28 PM
Comments: Paul,

Thank you for your comments. We're simply trying to ferret out the truth. I think there's still more to come ...
Full Name: Paul
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/22/2001, 1:47 PM
Comments: I just read the article in Coin World about your problems with the U.S government being uncooperative and even trying to claim the cargo. I certainly sympathize with any treasure hunter, including yourselves, that recovers and claims what others have abandoned. However, I wonder if there are other considerations in this case. If the shipment was bound for Russia, I wonder if the current Russian government could claim ownership in some international court because they are successors to the original intended recipients. The U.S. government may not want to let the Russian Mafia have a billion dollars in gold, but can't say so publicly for diplomatic reasons. Sometimes our government does dumb, greedy, or politically motivated things, but sometimes they get it right.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/22/2001, 3:05 PM
Comments: My grandfather was a steward on the republic, its fantastic to read so much history, thank you for a Wonderful site..
Full Name: Johnny Condor 7 LaMonica
Home Page: http://www.acronet.net/~condor7
Date and Time: 3/4/2001, 8:58 PM
Comments: A very cool and well organized site, Informative and easy to navigate!
Full Name: Daniel Othfors
Home Page: http://user.tninet.se/~xqf528b/index.html
Date and Time: 1/22/2001, 9:40 AM
Comments: Very nice site. Thoroughly investigated. Thank you.
Full Name: K Carnahan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/16/2001, 10:12 AM
Comments: Simply a marvelous job on the website! Impeccable and relentless research, excellent writing, AND a fascinating and riveting story. Best wishes to you all as you continue your quest.
Full Name: R.COOPER
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/4/2001, 7:56 PM
Full Name: Jim Forrest
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/4/2001, 2:08 PM
Comments: A query about the C.Q.D. medal we have has led us from the wilds of Scotland to a fascinating and intriguing website. We shall certainly keep in touch with developments.
Full Name: kunal das gupta
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/3/2001, 8:56 PM
Comments: martin,prince victor narayan is the key.in spite of being a rich prince his name does not figure in the first class.remember that the indian kings or maharajas were the rich in their time.he mustve travelled second class with the gold on behalf of the czar who he was friendly with.trace him.i can help u on the india end
Full Name: Nora Young
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/15/2000, 10:41 PM
Comments: I receintly found out that my grandfather, Charles Henry Groves, came to America on the Republic. He arrived in America on June 29, 1905. This is a wonderful website and full of information on the ship and the shipwreck. Is there anywhere I can see the passenger list for the ship when my grandfather was aboard?
Full Name: Peter Collins
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/6/2000, 12:51 PM
Comments: Great site. Plenty of information for those interested in the Republic
Full Name: Martin Bayerle
Home Page: http://www.rms-republic.com
Date and Time: 7/27/2000, 5:26 PM
Comments: We've had several thousand visitors to our site, so we've decided to add a series of interactive features. If you've found our site of interest, please leave your remarks here.