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Mysterious Frenchmen


Player on Republic Thought
Robber Had Upset Table -
John W. Ward Won.

It came out yesterday that the collision between the Florida and Republic broke up an exciting poker game on the Republic, in which Treasurer John W. Ward, of the Manhattan Opera House, was one of the players.
Those who were sitting in the game were Ward, who was on his way to Europe for his health; two Frenchmen whom Ward had met at the opera, and two business men of this city. The quintet had played with varying luck, in thin slippers and pajamas, and were closing up the session with a jack pot. The pot was "sweetened" twice and had $60 in it before openers were dealt. Ward got three jacks, and opened. Everybody stayed in. Ward then filled his hand with a pair of trays and bet the limit. The others saw him, and everybody sat tight.
"I call you," said one of the Frenchmen.
Just then came a crash, the shock of which tore the table from the floor and spilled the chips all over the floor.
One of the New Yorkers drew a pistol and jumped to his feet.
"Who did that?" he cried.
Then came the second crash, and the whole party ran up on deck - to learn there had been a collision. After the first excitement subsided all the players compared their hands, and it was agreed that Ward had won. He said last night he expected to get the money soon.
Ward will shortly start again on his European vacation, nothing daunted. He confirmed other statements printed in The World, to the effect there was remarkably little excitement on the deck of the Republic after the passengers had been collected there. Some of the women were shivering and hysterical, but the men behaved with courage.

New York World, January 28, 1909, 3:3.

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