Press Clippings
Press Clippings

Note: This Press Clippings section is necessarily incomplete. Additional stories have appeared as early as 1983, and additional coverage can be found in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Times (London), Japan Times, Money Magazine, Wine Spectator (Cover), and others, worldwide. Television interviews were conducted on CBS Morning News (interview by Diane Sawyer), Good Morning America, ITV (London), and others. Radio interviews were conducted on BBC Radio, Armed Forces Radio, and others.

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  1. Treasure Ship Mystery May Soon Be Solved, EIN Presswire, Mon., 21 January, 2019.

  2. Express (German)  Tue, 12 October, 2010, Page 7.  PDF (1.03 MB).

  3. POD Diver Episode 73  Tue, 19 June, 2007,  MP3 (21.64 MB).
    Sound Scene Tour of the Saturday, May 5, 2007 NJHDA Shipwreck Symposium. Interviews with Dean Fessler of the Shark Research Institute and Captain Martin Bayerle about the search for gold on-board the RMS Republic (Joe recounts working on the RMS Republic documentary with Captain Bayerle way back in 1987).  Interview by Joe Cocozza.

  4. Dive Magazine  May, 2007,  1,500 words.
    Davy Jones' Celler (on submerged wines recovered from shipwrecks)  by Gordon Coates.

  5. Lost Treasure Magazine  April, 2006,  1,079 words.
    Treasure News: Treasure Ship Mystery May Soon Be Solved,  by Anthony M. Belli.

  6. Springfield Republican  January 6, 2006,  1,072 words.
    Finder of wreck aims for gold,  by STAN FREEMAN.

  7. New India Press, Republic in fictional fiction?  October 29, 2005,  827 words.
    Water, water everywhere. A supposed review/spoof of Dan Brown's (author, The Da Vinci Code) alleged new book The Celestial Deluge. RMS Republic plays an integral part in the action. Although most probably a hoax, the basis of the review demonstrates the public's interest in mysteries and treasure hunts.  by L Suresh.

  8. Martha's Vineyard Times  July 21, 2005,  900 words.
    RMS Republic's gold awaits former Vineyard dive shop owner,  by David Irland.

  9. New Jersey Law Journal  July 18, 2005,  212 words.
    Litigation Spoils - Timothy Barrow returned to his office last week from an expedition for sunken treasure.

  10. Boston Herald  July 9, 2005,  258 words.
    Court gives OK to quest for gold in sunken ship,  by Laurel J. Sweet.

  11. Boston Globe  July 9, 2005,  456 words.
    TREASURE HUNTER WINS RULING ON RIGHTS TO '09 WRECK,  by Ralph Ranalli, Globe Staff.

  12. Bay State treasure hunt
    NECN News Story, Aired July 8, 2005, 5:52 p.m.A treasure hunter is asking a Boston judge for permission to go after a famed buried treasure off the Massachusetts coast. NECN's Greg Wayland has more.
    You'll need a version of Windows Media Player 7 or higher to view the video. If you need to download the latest Windows Media Player, go to The video player is supported by Microsoft IE 5.0 and above.
  13. Associated Press  July 8, 2005,  383 words.
    Judge grants treasure hunter right to salvage sunken ship,  by Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press Writer.

  14. Boston Herald  July 7, 2005,  490 words.
    Searching for billions: Captain seeks OK to salvage sunken liner's treasure,  by Laurel J. Sweet.

  15. Boston Herald  July 7, 2005,  232 words.
    Short history of the Republic,  by Laurel J. Sweet.

  16. MAXIM,  July, 2003,  158 words.
    Booty Call! There's gold in them thar seas - billions of dollars in shipwrecked treasure located right here, here, and here. We're #1 on their list!
    NANTUCKET NECTAR,  Paul Bibeau.

  17. Coin World,  July 23, 2001, Monday,  1083 words.
    1909 shipwreck may hold $1 billion in gold,
    Whatever is on board, officials want a share.  Paul Gilkes, COIN WORLD Staff  Boston, MA

  18. United Press International,  April 4, 2001, Wednesday,  Watercooler Stories,  110 words.
    Salvagers Arguing Status of Shipwreck's Cargo,  Boston, MA

  19. The Boston Globe,  April 4, 2001, Wednesday,  4,  371 words.
    Mass. diver seeks sole rights to shipwreck,  Shelley Murphy

  20. Court TV,  April 4, 2001, Wednesday,  436 words.
    Court hears arguments over rights to shipwreck, gold coins,  Associated Press,  Boston

  21. The Boston Globe,  April 3, 2001, Wednesday,  436 words, photo.
    Court hears arguments over rights to shipwreck, gold coins,  Associated Press,  Boston

  22. The Associated Press,  April 3, 2001, Tuesday,  International News,  588 words.
    Court hears arguments over rights to shipwreck, gold coins,  DENISE LAVOIE, Associated Press Writer,  Boston

  23. Náutica (Brazilian nautical magazine, in Portuguese), História Do Mar (History of the Sea),  Edition No. 141, 2000,  1820 words.
    O Ouro secreto do Republic (The Secret Gold of the Republic),  (English Translation),  Ana Renata Angotti - Illustration Daniel Muñoz

  24. The Baltimore Sun,  August 5, 1999, Thursday,  ,CARROLL,  ,6B,  483 words.
    Salvage hunters compete for ship; Cargo of gold coins believed at stake in court battle; Cape Cod shipwreck; Lawyer tries to wrest recovery rights from man who discovered site,  Jeffrey Gold

  25. Collectors Universe,  August 3, 1999, Tuesday,  740 words.
    White Star's Treasures Lost at Sea. ... Welcome to the real world of treasure hunting. A world where professional treasure seekers go out on boats virtually from spring until the violent seas of fall drive them back to the beaches. Some of them find what they want. Many come home empty handed. A few unfortunates don't come home at all.  If you think this is difficult work, wait until you see what is going on regarding the wreck of the RMS Republic, a shipwreck sitting under 250 feet of water off the coast of Cape Cod. ...  Richard Giedroyc

  26. The Boston Globe,  July 18, 1999, Sunday,  METRO/REGION; Pg. B9,  1359 words.
    Divers wage battle to save the Republic,  Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff,  Nantucket, Mass.

  27. The Associated Press State & Local Wire,  July 9, 1999, Friday, AM cycle,  State and Regional,  459 words.
    Judge refuses diver's request to bar rival from visiting wreck,  By JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press Writer,  NEWARK, N.J.

  28. Court TV,  June 22, 1999, Tuesday,  483 words.
    Fight for sunken ship treasure sails to court  JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press Writer,  NEWARK, N.J.

  29. The Associated Press State & Local Wire,  June 22, 1999, Tuesday, PM cycle,  State and Regional,  597 words.
    Two treasure hunters compete for salvage rights to RMS Republic,  JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press Writer,  NEWARK, N.J.

  30. The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland),  May 18, 1999, Tuesday,  [On this date],  293 words.
    1985: Golden Mystery [Reward Offered],  Steven Moore, The News Letter Writer,  BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  31. Pod Diver Radio,  Copyright 1997,  2451 words.
    The Republic, a first-person account of our 1987 effort by a member of our filmcrew.  Joseph M. Cocozza Jr.

  32. International Herald Tribune,  November 27, 1993, Saturday,  Your Money,  1,017 words.
    Treasure Hunting Beckons The Thrill-Seeking Investor,  by Michael D. McNickle.

  33. St. Petersburg Times,  February 21, 1993, Sunday, City Edition,  TAMPA BAY AND STATE; Pg. 1B,  563 words.
    Jury awards $ 6-million to widow; Dr. Robert Polackwich, key financial backer in RMS Republic Salvage, had died in accidental electrocution.  JANET SHELTON ROGERS; BRUCE VIELMETTI,  TAMPA

  34. United Press International,  June 12, 1988, Sunday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  453 words.  NEWPORT, R.I. (RMS Republic Artifact Auction)

  35. Oui Magazine, March, 1988. (3.1MB PDF) Liquid Assets, 1.6 Billion in Gold off the New England Coast.  by Jack Borden.
  36. The Wine Spectator,  October 31, 1987,  Cover Story,  3,159 words.
    Sunken Treasure from the 'Other' Titanic,  PER-HENRIK MANNSSON, Associate Editor,  Aboard the Inspector, off Massachusetts

  37. The Associated Press,  October 30, 1987, Friday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  690 words.
    Treasure Hunters Clash in Search for $1.6 Billion in Gold Coins,  DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  Boston

  38. The Christian Science Monitor,  September 28, 1987, Monday,  Business; BUSINESS MONDAY; Pg. 16,  1209 words.
    Divers sink millions in sunken bounty,  Barbara Bradley, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor,  Nantucket, Mass.

  39. The Christian Science Monitor,  September 28, 1987, Monday,  Business; BUSINESS MONDAY; Pg. 17,  473 words.
    'Pardon me, pal, but your Aqua-lung is in my face',  Barbara Bradley

  40. United Press International,  September 15, 1987, Tuesday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  382 words.
    Search for gold ends unsuccessfully,  NANTUCKET, Mass.

  41. The Wine Spectator,  September 15, 1987,  News, 5,  1,236 words.
    Divers Recover Sunken Treasure,
    Century-Old Bottles Lifted From Old Luxury Shipwreck,  Curt Anderson

  42. The Associated Press,  September 14, 1987, Monday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  507 words.
    Expedition to Sunken Ship Ends With Valuable Artifacts But No Gold,  By DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  BOSTON

  43. United Press International,  September 14, 1987, Monday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  340 words.
    Search for gold ends unsuccessfuly,  NANTUCKET, Mass.

  44. St. Petersburg Times,  September 13, 1987, Sunday, City Edition,  TAMPA; Pg. 1,  1293 words.
    Salvagers find trinkets, not treasure,  ROBERT SAMEK,  TAMPA

  45. The Associated Press,  September 13, 1987, Sunday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  466 words.
    Expedition to Sunken Ship Ends With Valuable Artifacts But No Gold,  By DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  BOSTON

  46. Forbes,  September 7, 1987,  Pg. 116:2,  326 words.
    Romancing the wreck (limited partnerships in sunken ships),  William G. Flanagan

  47. St. Petersburg Times,  September 7, 1987, Monday, City Edition,  BUSINESS; Pg. 3E,  1298 words.
    'The treasure hunt is today's siren song',  JOSEPH PEREIRA

  48. United Press International,  August 17, 1987, Monday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  408 words.
    Treasure hunters seek help from shipwreck kin,  FALMOUTH, Mass.

  49. United Press International,  August 16, 1987, Sunday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  426 words.
    Treasure hunters seek help from shipwreck kin,  FALMOUTH, Mass.

  50. Maclean's,  August 10, 1987,  SPECIAL REPORT; Pg. 36,  2751 words.
    Diving For Dollars,  BRUCE WALLACE aboard the Inspector, with JANE O'HARA in Vancouver

  51. United Press International,  August 6, 1987, Thursday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  542 words.
    Christie's will sell artifacts from sunken liner,  NEW YORK

  52. ABC Evening News,  August 5, 1987, Wednesday, 05:51:00 pm,  Headline: Massachusetts / Treasure Hunt,  Duration 02:40,  (Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.
    (Massachusetts: John McKenzie) Salvage operation at site of Republic shipwreck and possible value of treasure believed involved featured; details given, scenes shown. [Dive supervisor Mike WINTERS - notes significance of job for divers.] Circumstances of Republic's sinking on January 23, 1909, and history of vessel's treasure reviewed; photos shown. [Diver Andy BELLIVEAU - describes difficulty of divers' task.] Artifacts recovered so far shown. [Operations chief Martin BAYERLE - notes historical significance of all shipwrecks.] Econs. involved outlined. [Diver Dave DOUCET - describes divers' frustrations.]

  53. Los Angeles Times,  July 31, 1987, Friday, Southland Edition,  Part 1; Page 2; Column 2; National Desk,  95 words.  THE NATION

  54. United Press International,  July 29, 1987, Wednesday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  600 words,  Treasure hunters sip wine, confident of finding gold,  By CHARLES GOLDSMITH,  FALMOUTH, Mass.

  55. The Associated Press,  July 28, 1987, Tuesday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  428 words.
    Republic Salvors Retrieve Anchor, Celebrate with ''Robust'' 1898 Champagne,  By DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  BOSTON

  56. CBS Evening News,  July 23, 1987, Thursday, 05:54:20 pm,  Headline: Salvage Operations / Titanic, Republic,  Duration 03:10,  (Studio: Dan Rather) Report introduced.
    Profit factor in salvage operation at site of liner Republic's wreckage considered; Republic said a forerunner of Titanic design. [Naval architect Bob STEVENS - notes emotional investment in Republic salvage.] [Investor Dr. Richard BRUNELLE - explains helping financial Republic's salvage.] [Salvage leader Martin Bayerle - ests. average value of Republic's treasure.]

  57. The Toronto Star,  July 20, 1987, Monday, FINAL EDITION,  NEWS, Pg. A8,  424 words.
    Salvagers seeking $2 billion in gold get bubbly, hosiery,  (CP),  HALIFAX, Nova Scotia

  58. Journal of Commerce,  July 20, 1987, Monday,  MARITIME, Pg. 8B,  676 words.

  59. The New York Times,  July 19, 1987, Sunday, Late City Final Edition,  Section 1; Part 2, Page 31, Column 3; National Desk,  614 words.
    Trinkets but Still No Gold at Wreck,  By SETH S. KING, Special to the New York Times

  60. The Associated Press,  July 16, 1987, Thursday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  701 words,
    Divers Find Champagne, Dishes In Shipwreck, But No Gold Yet,  By DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  ABOARD THE SOSI INSPECTOR

  61. Journal of Commerce,  June 30, 1987, Tuesday,  MARITIME, Pg. 3B,  594 words.

  62. The Associated Press,  June 29, 1987, Monday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  585 words.
    Divers Hope To Recover More Than $1.6 Billion In Gold Coins From Shipwreck,  By DANA KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer,  BOSTON

  63. The Boston Globe,  June 25, 1987, Thursday  Page 74, Metro Section,  412 words.
    Salvagers Hope Dive to Ship Will Net $1.6B,  By Teresa M. Hanafin, Globe Staff,  HYANNIS

  64. United Press International,  June 22, 1987, Monday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  462 words,  Salvagers hunt for sunken treasure,   ,  NANTUCKET, Mass.

  65. Los Angeles Times,  June 15, 1987, Monday, Home Edition,  Part 1; Page 4; Column 1; National Desk,  288 words.

  66. The New York Times,  June 15, 1987, Monday, Late City Final Edition Correction Appended,  Section B; Page 2, Column 1; Metropolitan Desk,  565 words.
    Scan with Photo and Graphic (578K).

  67. The Toronto Star,  June 14, 1987, Sunday, SUNDAY SECOND EDITION,  NEWS; Pg. H5,  888 words.
    Treasure hunt Canadian divers hope ship that sank in 1909 will yield a king's ransom in U.S. gold coins,  By Tom McNiff Special to The Star,  BOSTON, Massachusetts

  68. Journal of Commerce,  June 12, 1987, Friday,  FRONT, Pg. 12A,  1182 words.

  69. Lost Treasure Magazine (from the New York Post),  December, 1986,  Pg 56,  297 words.
    Russians Eye Salvage Operation

  70. The Times (London),  July 20, 1986, Sunday,  Issue 8450,  593 words.
    Gold and wine hoard is target of new dive / White Star Line passenger ship salvage,  ASKOLD KRUSHELNYCKY

  71. Forbes,  June 16, 1986, Monday,  1068 words.
    Play LOOT-O! (in search of sunken treasures),  RICHARD BEHAR

  72. Forbes,  April 7, 1986, Monday,  302 words.
    Treasure hunt. (hunting the shipwrecked S.S. Republic),  RICHARD BEHAR

  73. The Boston Globe,  September 6, 1985, Friday,  Metro, Page 18,  93 words

  74. The Boston Globe,  September 2, 1985, Monday,  Metro, Page 19,  770 words

  75. United Press International,  August 27, 1985, Tuesday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  458 words,  Divers prepare to scout out sunken luxury liner RMS Republic,   ,  FAIRHAVEN, Mass.

  76. New York Times,  August 27, 1985,  Section 1; Page 1 Column 2,  57 words.
    Abstract: RMS Republic Survey vessel set to sail,  By TOM MCNIFF,  FAIRHAVEN, Massachusetts

  77. United Press International,  August 25, 1985, Sunday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  757 words,  Diving expedition seeks fortune in gold,  By RUTH YOUNGBLOOD,  BOSTON

  78. The Boston Globe,  August 2, 1985, Monday,  National/Foreign,  300 words

  79. The Associated Press,  July 12, 1985, Friday, PM cycle,  Domestic News,  598 words.
    Diver Seeks $500 Million In Sunken Luxury Liner Off Nantucket,  MARTHA'S VINEYARD, Mass.

  80. Weekly World News,  May 14, 1985.
    Gold! On the trail of asunken treasure worth $millions

  81. The Associated Press,  April 8, 1985, Monday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  298 words.

  82. Skin Diver Magazine,  July 1984,  1,862 words.
    Adventure! Treasure! High Risk & Mystery In The Race For The REPUBLIC
    [Added to Clippings July 23, 2005]

  83. The Boston Herald,  November 6, 1983, Sunday,  727 words.
    One man's incredible search for sunken treasure

  84. The Boston Herald,  November 6, 1983, Sunday,  215 words.
    Doomed Ship rammed in killer fog  By BEVERLY FORD

  85. The Associated Press,  September 2, 1983, Friday,  Domestic News,  495 words.

  86. The Associated Press,  June 28, 1983, Tuesday, AM cycle,  Domestic News,  447 words.
    Sunken Luxury Liner Identified off Nantucket,  FAIRHAVEN, Mass.