How to Participate
How to Participate

We offer individuals and companies both the "hands on" opportunity to experience the thrill and adventure of a shipwreck treasure expedition, as well as the possibility of reaping positive financial rewards as a result of our discoveries.

We have engaged Lords OF Fortune LLC to raise the $20 million dollars we will need to conduct the two-year recovery.

Please visit their website: for detailed information on the investment oportunity.

Partnership, joint venture, speculation and investment opportunities, to qualified individuals and corporations, may also be available. If you're interested, drop us a note and we'll explore the possibilities together.

NASD members can request a copy of our current offering prospectus.

If you wish to communicate with us in a secure environment, we encourage the use of PGP. PGP, whether you want the international or the US variant, can be found at

Our PGP Public Key can be obtained here.

You can download our general contact information as a vCard, here.